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What it Takes to Work with External Recruiters

When we start our career, we receive new job offers that are a result of directly dealing with the HR department of the company. But when we reach an executive position, we realize that the entire recruitment process is a bit different.

When it comes to advanced positions, organizations usually outsource the job to external recruiters. The recruiters find the most suitable candidate for the job and get paid by the employer. So if you want to find your next big professional role, you must first understand the following practices with regards to external recruiters.

External Recruiters Don’t Help With the Hiring Process

The primary reason why job seekers often don’t have a good relationship with external recruiters is because they don’t understand the actual role. It is important to understand that an external recruiter is not paid to assist you with the hiring process.

They are not supposed to teach you resume writing or interview skills but their job is just to screen the right candidates for the relevant clients. This means that if you are not the right candidate for a particular job, there is no need to convince them otherwise.

External Recruiters May Conceal the Identity of Employer

Don’t be alarmed if your recruiter is not giving you the organization’s name off the bat. This is something normal. There are many external recruiters who cannot disclose the name of the hiring company. To know further details of the employer you need to come in for the screening process and then advance to the next level. It is common that recruiters may protect the employer’s identity who specifically hires them to handle the recruiting process.

External Recruiters Vary in Different Ways

Not every recruiter is the same. There are many recruitment firms which differ in terms of environment, policy and even job types available to them. Thus, being a job seeker it is beneficial if you know the type of recruiter you’re dealing with so that you can approach them accordingly.

External Recruiters Are Not the Decision Makers

Never mistake external recruiters with decision makers. External recruiters are not the decision makers with regards to the available vacancy. Sometimes, an external recruiter may have an input; indeed, the final decision is not in their hands and lies with the hiring company. Having said this, recruiters are usually a strong advocate for job seekers while companies make the big and important hiring decisions.

Why Is It Good To Work With External Recruiters?

There are many benefits to working with recruiters. For instance, when you are being introduced to a company through a recruiter, it’s a good indication of you being a solid candidate for the position. Recruiters are usually well aware of the hiring company’s culture. Thus, you can be coached by them regarding what you might encounter.

Conclusively, establishing a good relationship with a recruiting professional can give an extra boost to your job hunt. To maximize your relationship, ensure ongoing and clear communication in terms of activity and goals.

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