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Top IT Jobs of 2022

With mobile applications, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning on the rise, organizations in the United Kingdom are relying more and more on highly-specialized and well-qualified IT professionals. As virtually all aspects of our life are becoming intertwined with technology in the 21st century, IT jobs are growing substantially. It is expected that they will continue to grow during the next decade. Below we have compiled a list of the Top IT Jobs of 2022 in the UK.

Top IT Jobs of 2022 in the UK


DevOps professionals are tasked with building practices to improve the process of building and delivering software. They combine information technology and software development operations. DevOps professionals are generally able to build, test, and roll out software more reliably and faster. In the United Kingdom, the top DevOps jobs include:

- DevOps architect

- Senior DevOps Engineer

- DevOps Engineer

Project Management

Projects managers in the tech field are required to oversee projects in organizations and ensure their timely delivery. Some of the highest paying project management jobs in the country include:

- Project Management Director

- Senior Project Manager

Software Architecture

Some people may confuse software architecture for software engineering. However, the two aren’t the same because software architects are required to interact with developers, product managers, and clients to envision the design and model it before it is built. The top paying jobs for software architects in the UK include:

- Software Architect

Final Thoughts

You are in luck if you are an IT professional. These are just a few of the top paying IT jobs in the market – there are many more that you may qualify for. So go out there and explore your options. If you need help in landing a high-paying job, get in touch with Ferrirecruitment for a placement tailored to you!

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