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3 Tips on How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Preparing for a job interview is not as easy as simply rehearsing your answers to the most common interview questions. For you to get the job you really want, you need to do more than that. This is your chance to make a good first impression on your potential employer – so don’t let it pass you by.

To get an edge and improve your interview skills, below are 3 tips to assist you.

Do More than Basic Research

Doing research about the company you’re applying to in not enough. It is not going to give you insight on the people who will be interviewing you.

You need to look up and learn about the culture, values and goals of the company. What is it that they look for in candidates? Most employers are interested to see if potential candidates are a good fit for their organization. Convince them that you are.

Know the Job Description

Read up on the job description thoroughly, so you know how your skills and experience will enable you to carry out your responsibilities to the T. For each of the qualification listed in the description, try to think of your experiences and provide examples as a supporting evidence that would enable you to excel at this particular position.

Keeping Your Expectations Practical

Many potential employees may feel underwhelmed when they meet their recruiter. They may feel the interviewer did not have much knowledge about the company or may have asked irrelevant questions. Give them the benefit of the doubt and know that they too may be new at their job or maybe having a bad day. Always be respectful towards the interviewer and be honest with your answers.

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