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Do You Need An HR Or IT Recruiter? Understand the Difference

The current job market is in constant flux. Recruiting the right resource often feel like searching in the dark. You know there is something but you are not sure what it looks like and where it is until you actually find it.

The same goes for a new or small start-up when it comes to the recruitment of the right staff. There is only so much you can do to find and hire the perfect new recruit for the position. As much as it is important for the candidates to apply for the right position and to possess the right skills, the same goes for recruiters.

Navigating the job market is quite challenging both for the recruiters as well as the job seekers. Not every company, especially start-up companies having less experience in terms of managing recruitment, understands that you need the right recruiting staff to recruit the best candidate. This is particularly true when it comes to IT or non-IT recruitment.

HR Recruitment and IT Recruitment

It is said that hiring the right candidate takes time, a healthy dose of curiosity and the right questions. This is particularly true when it comes to IT recruitment.

IT Recruitment

As the name indicates, IT recruitment is associated with software and information technology businesses. When we differentiate the IT recruitment from the non-IT or HR recruitment, it means that the recruiter only deals with the different job requirements in the IT sector.

This may include requirements for various IT expertise like C#, Java, SAP, Net, Embedded, Oracle, HTML, Linux, XML, and DHTML etc.

The major difference between the IT and HR recruitment is that IT recruiter must have in-depth knowledge in the IT arena and must be able to screen different technical candidates with regards to specifics in their area of expertise. With that being said we don’t mean that an HR recruiter has no areas of expertise or knowledge. But you just cannot expect a manufacturing recruiter to hire attorneys.

HR Recruitment

HR or non-IT recruitment work involves helping in the selection of the right candidate for the vacancy. This involves searching out candidates on different portals or head hunting. The HR recruiter does not necessarily possess the in-depth knowledge of the skills required for a job. An HR recruiter only helps in settling vacancies that come up in the company while they also take care of grievance handling, administrative work, organizing an induction program, salary negotiation, and others.

This does not mean that HR recruiters have no area of expertise. But as we speak of IT companies, as IT recruiter preferably have more experience and knowledge to screen candidates properly.

In the bottom line

Any recruiter who is well aware of ways to source the best candidate, using any platform, can perform both types of recruitment – IT and Non-IT recruitment. Recruitment/sourcing/head-hunting means to source or hire the candidate with the matching skill set, required for the job role.

Thus differentiating the two might not create a difference for your company unless you are a large and esteemed IT enterprise.

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