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Four Inevitable Skills of Web Developers

The web development industry is growing exponentially. The need for companies to establish their online presence is inevitable. This means that skilled individuals who can design, manage and develop websites are also in high demand.

So if you are starting out as a web developer or looking to become a web professional, here are some inevitable skills that you must possess to be successful in the industry. Here we will discuss four skills, representing the key areas of knowledge, which you must add to your repertoire while you continue your search to become a professional web developer.


In a web developer’s toolbox, HTML skills are critically important. In fact, HTML is the markup language that acts as an entryway into the web development world. After all, HTML is the foundation of website building. Being a web developer, this is not only the first thing you learn but you must also hold the profound knowledge to use this language.

HTML is used to create webpage content. The latest version of this markup language is the HTML5. So if you are starting your professional career as a web developer, having HTML5 expertise on your resume is definitely a big plus.

Design Tools (Illustrator/Adobe Photoshop)

Design tools may not directly fall under the domain of web developer but design sense and a keen eye for web design along with familiarity with latest designing tools go a long way in making you the best candidate. If you have enhanced knowledge of UI, UX, and Usability, your resume can easily be noticed in the IT sector.

Understanding these tools give a much-needed boost to your resume. Considering the fast-growing field of technology, learning basic design tools will make you a strong candidate among other web developers.

Ajax and JavaScript

JavaScript is another interactive component of a website and an inevitable skill for web developers. Before you learn any other language, be comfortable in JavaScript, particularly if we consider its interaction with CSS and HTML to build 3 layers of web design.

Most web developers don’t learn JavaScript unless they need to carry out front-end development. However, JavaScript plays a critical role in website development and if you are even slightly engaged in backend development, then you must get comfortable with JavaScript before you step into the professional world.

Mobile Support

In today’s fast-paced digitized era, every company wants to establish their online presence on every portable device. With the staggering variety of portable devices, every web developer is now required to provide adequate mobile support. A web developer is now expected to develop websites for a multi-device world.

In today's world, being able to develop a responsive website that works on all devices and on different screen sizes is a vital skill for a web developer. Not to mention, if you also possess the basic information about mob application development, that often interfaces with websites, you can easily excel in your web development career.

These skills show that you are an enthusiastic individual who is familiar with the industry’s latest skills and this makes you one of the strongest candidates to be easily hired in an esteemed organization.

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