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The Role of Developers and Automation in IT

Automation is an invaluable aspect of the modern software development. It’s been a long time since automation joined the forces of information technology. But recently the subject has again resurfaced as one of the topics of interest for IT structures.

Thanks to the advancement in the machine learning, big data concerns, and artificial intelligence, a lot of people are now paying close attention to automation.

However, the way automation is being dealt with in some IT departments is outdated. Indeed, this IT automation has profoundly affected the job role of different IT professionals including developers.

IT Developers Love Handling IT Automation through Scripts

If we look at the current situation, IT automation is handled through scripts. Developers strive to develop only the best possible scripts and some tinker with scripts from colleagues and friends, in the name of further improvements.

Since these developers don’t leave any documentation for the next person who might use the script, this makes it highly difficult to not only deploy the script but also to tweak it for some new purpose. But the real issue is not the lack of documentation but the scripts themselves. They are likely to be a problem in just a few years as scripting is now outdated and AI and machine learning are evolving.

So what does it mean for IT developers? Well, it’s time for IT developers to forget about their promising scripts and get on board with IT automation.

Developers Must Write Resilient Codes

It is not far when coders and developers will not be needed to write codes as IT automation cannot be handled by writing scripts. This means that soon there will be a huge difference between the role of developers. Developers will have a huge impact on what is actually required of them now and what they will be expected to perform in near future.

Automation is evolving in a way where particular tasks have clearly defined workloads. In short, it is evolving in a more deterministic design. Eventually, IT automation is likely to evolve and work like a human brain, just like machine learning.

It’s Here Already

Some organizations or large banks have already employed heuristic design. They possess complete access to hardware that an IT developer could ever wish for. There are several organization and companies which are constantly adopting heuristic design and changing the platform for IT professionals.

So if you belong to the IT profession, you need to possess the sophisticated skill set to meet the demands of evolving IT automation and to get better with different types of data.

IT developers must write structured and resilient scripts that allow for the flexibility, quite visible in heuristic designs. While this cannot be achieved in a single step or in a short period of time, it is indeed a step taken in the right direction. It’s time to reward developers for improved scripting.

If you are a startup or small business, start taking small steps to set on the path towards IT automation. Keep up with tomorrow by hiring future automation leaders.

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