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Top 7 Reasons to Consider a Career in IT

Information Technology is one of the most dynamic industries, with new technologies introduced every day. A common misconception among people is that IT is a boring, technical job with no room for creativity. This often deters people from thinking of pursuing a career in the field. Well, we are here to tell that this couldn’t be further from truth!

Read on below to find why you should seriously consider pursuing a career in IT sector.

New opportunities

Working in an IT firm allows you to explore new opportunities which aren’t possible with many others. The recent advancements in technology have opened up various new roles, ensuring that you are learning something new every day. You will often be required to take part in different projects, which will allow you explore new areas and further develop your skill set.

Problem Solving Ability

Being a complex field sure has its own merits. Working as an IT professional, you will be required to deal with various challenges faced by regular people every day and try and come up with innovative solutions for them. This will enhance your problem solving ability and will force you to think outside the box in order to find new solutions for the problems.

IT is for everyone

People often presume that IT jobs are only suitable for people require who have computer programming skills. However, there are a number of fields where you can easily work in an IT firm. If you’re a marketing enthusiast – you will have role here. Want to work with people? You can have a position in customer relation department. IT industry has a position for everyone and the prospects are limitless.

Job Satisfaction

A common complaint among IT professionals is that their career is not fulfilling, or that they do not get any satisfaction in what they are doing. People are often looking for a job where they can make a positive contribution to the world. What they fail to understand is that the IT industry offers numerous chances to do so, from developing software to help businesses and people to introducing new technologies which can change people’s lives for better.

Gains insights into other industries

One of the greatest advantages of working in the IT sector is that it also gives you perspective of various other businesses. Since, nearly all the industries are now linked with technology in one way or other, therefore it provides you a holistic picture of different industries, such as media, healthcare, airlines, and automotives to name a few.

Keep updated with new innovations

Technology is evolving at a frightening pace. What was considered ground-breaking innovation just a few years ago is considered obsolete today. With such a rapid advancement, it becomes difficult to keep track of all the new innovations in the industry. However, having a career in IT sector will ensure that you are abreast with all the latest developments, in fact, a part of it.


Now this depends on the company you are working with, however, most IT companies tend to pay their employees quite well. The wages are also proportionate to the difficulty of the job i.e. the more complex your job, the more likely you are to earn more. However, generally, we see that the IT industry usually pays above the industry average. In fact a report from LinkedIn’s Economist, Guy Berger, places Software and IT services at the top of the list of highest paying industries in the US.

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