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Technologies That Make IT Ubiquitous

Information technology is the most integral part of today’s society. According to the Office for National Statistics, in 2017, 90% of UK households had internet access. Of this percentage, 93% use fixed broadband, and interestingly 26% use mobile broadband via mobile phone networks for their internet connection.

With the growth of this buzzword, the evolution of information technology reaches beyond the smartphone and personal computers. To give you better understanding of this growing tech world, here are some great technologies that have made a tremendous shift from unusual to ubiquitous.

The Smart Speed

The fast adaptation of mobile technology is a perfect place to start. In simple words; if you own a smartphone, it is now a lot smarter and powerful than the computer used at the time of landing Apollo 11 or to defeat the Grandmaster of world chess – Gerry Kasparov.

To give you an example; the computer of Apollo ran at the speed of 0.043 megahertz, the iPhone 5 processor, in comparison, goes up to 1.3 gigahertz. Isn’t it remarkable?

Improved Storage Solutions

When it comes down to storage solutions, hard drives have come a long way. According to PC World; in 1956, IBM’s RAMAC 305 Disk System cost around $10000/megabyte and held around 5MB maximum, using 50 disks, each 24” in diameter.

Now it is quite handy to store even more than 4 gigabytes of extensive data just by using a drive that is even less an inch wide. Similarly, Solid state drive (SSD) that eliminates the need for failing spinning disks has also been used commonly to access information instantly.

Data Delivery

If we consider the modem or first modulator-demodulator, the device was introduced with the full-duplex transmission, FSK – frequency-shift keying and majorly the tendency to send data at around 300 baud (bps).

However, now the Ethernet-based technologies have taken over the data delivery network. These technologies have effectively made it possible to obtain 100 Gbps transfer speeds. Do you realize what it means in practice?

This shows that around 300 bps, the text-only webpage would take around 30 minutes to load. In other words, if you would be reading this text at 3000 bps you would need to wait around an hour to read the complete post since it also has a picture!

Reinventing the Cars

Certainly, the technical evolution is not just limited to storage or computers; it has also expanded to cars. To be specific, the SUV! All of this started with the necessity of a durable, tough 4x4 vehicle during II World War. After that, the jeep was selected as the official go-to type soldier transport.

After the war, the model was transformed into a more comforting and luxurious vehicle – SUVs. These vehicles are not just a dream of every car dreamer but brands like Nissan, Infinity or Prius are constantly improvising the features such as back view mirror and 360-degree bird’s eye view of the vehicle during parking.

Conclusively, the evolution of technology is inevitable. What we take for granted now will soon become the museum-worth old tech in a matter of just a few years!

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