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How to Ace Your IT Interview

A job interview is not the test of your knowledge but your ability to use it at the right time!

When you appear for an IT job interview, in addition to standard interview questions, you must be prepared for specific and focused technical questions.

Interview questions could be about your certifications, skills, education, achievements, tools you have expertise in or other aspects of your dynamic personality.

So regardless if you have been programming for ages or are facing down the barrel of your first job hunt, IT job interviews are always an intriguing hurdle to pass through. However, if you can master quite a few things before appearing for the interview, you can ace your interview with ease.

Here are a few proven ways to ace your IT interview!

Practice and Prepare

Practice your answers to the typical and standard interview questions. Use concrete examples to highlight your relevant skills in this regards. The best way is to match the job requirements with your skills by generating a list.

In addition, prepare for specific and technical information. Refresh the basic IT knowledge because if the interviewer won’t find a strong foundation, he/she might not be keen on moving forward.

Research about Company

When you apply for a company it is imperative to know about its offered services and operations. Do your homework and get to know the industry you wish to work in. Relate your learned information in answering questions.

This helps to build a rapport and establish a personal connection with the interviewer. It creates a comfortable and positive environment and increases the chances of getting hired. Interviewers like individuals who have an interest in the company, interactive personalities, and who seem like a good fit for the organizational culture.

Get Your Geek on

Considering the throes of technical interview, discuss your opinions and personal interests on technical topics at hand. Being in a room with like-minded people is an opportunity to converse about mutually interesting topics while your show your technical knowledge.

For instance, if you are asked about MySQL partitioning merits then tell them about your experience like MongoDB sharding and why it didn’t work. This will help to build a quick rapport with the interviewer.

Adjust the Body Language

Remember your body language speaks volumes alongside your words. So make sure not to contradict yourself. Maintain a relaxed and confident body language. Neither be too stiff nor be too relaxed. Take a minute before the interview to compose yourself and shake off the anxiety.

Maintain eye contact with the individual you are talking to. Listen completely and don’t rush to speak. Nonetheless, body language is a very powerful tool and if you know how to use in an IT interview, you can achieve 80% of your success through it.

Conclusively, don’t make your IT interview a nerve-wracking experience in your career. As much as you want the interview to succeed, you interviewer also wishes the same.

So dress professionally, know your answers, be prepared and interactive and stay calm. Most importantly, don’t forget to envision yourself breezing the interview with great ease.

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