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Three Impactful Benefits of IT on the Sales of an Organization

Technology has caused a paradigm shift in all aspects of an organization. But its powerful impact on business sales is the most easily quantifiable factor.

Technological advancements are being made constantly and businesses are now more dependent on hi-tech solutions for their growth and profits.

Sales are one of the organizational aspects that are heavily impacted by technology. From today’s digital devices, prospecting to closing, big data, social, to cloud technologies, technology has revamped the overall sales structure in several unimaginable ways.

Nonetheless, organizations are now embracing technology to drive profitability, productivity, and competitive advantage by designing better sale strategies.

For your better understanding; here are some effective applications of information technology on business sale.

Cloud-based Technology

Management systems are great tools that provide a holistic picture of the customer relationship by incorporating sales, marketing, and customer support. While a conventional onsite CRM has its benefits, cloud technology has taken CRM to a new level by freeing up workforce from onsite servers or computers.

From a sales perspective, sales employees can easily get accurate and fast insights on customer activities, their interest and what they are likely to purchase. Salesforce remains armed with the latest and relevant information and can contact a customer while on the go. The sales team becomes more effective, agile and productive.

Mobile Technology

The proliferation of tablets and mobile phones has significantly changed the selling process. This technology has also changed the buying experience of customers by giving them the ability to search, evaluate and buy products/services online.

Do you know that almost 93% of the customer using a smartphone to search product/services end up making a purchase?

This provides a great opportunity to achieve competitive advantage by incorporating mobile devices into a marketing and sales strategy. Also, salespeople can easily access product specifications and other essentials, making their sales pitches more effective.

Mobile communication also allows field employees to get real-time data, edit and update prospect information instantly rather than processing after returning office the next day.

Big Data

In today’s competitive industries, the sales growth significantly depends upon the ability to capture, manage and successfully analyze huge volumes of consumer data.

This data contains insights into consumer behaviors and buying practices. This is exactly where ‘big data’ technology comes to play.

Sales organizations manage prospects by using big data analytics tools. These latest analytical tools and consumer data models help in identifying potential prospects as well as accurately predicting leads from B2B and B2C that have higher chances to become regular clients. This assists the sales team to focus their efforts precisely.

In simple words, big data analytics tools allow organizations to focus their sales efforts on the most profitable and promising customers and activities.

The final word

As we are progressing into the digital age, we must recognize the impactful benefits of technology on our business profits. Otherwise, our business is likely to be left behind. As much as we rely on constantly improving technology, the same consideration or importance should also be given to adapt to these technological advancements.

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