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Most Demanded Technology Skills in the Market Today

With the rapid advancement in the technological sector, the IT industry has seen phenomenal growth in the past century, and is expected to grow at an even greater rate in the 21st century. As new technologies are introduced every day, it is important to know which IT skills are heavily sought out in today’s market.

Have a look at top 10 IT skills, which we believe are in popular demand in 2018:

1. Internet of Things

The Internet of things (IoT) is slowly but surely seeing an increase in its adoption rate among people. With the technology being implemented in everyday items from wristwatches to complex machinery such as cars and aerospace, the field will open various new roles within the industry.

2. Artificial Intelligence

With top tech companies such as Google, IBM, etc. competing aggressively to gain a lead in the AI industry, we see a dire need for talented professionals, who are able to deal with the various complex issues faced by these corporations. Furthermore, since AI uses a huge amount of confidential data, it become imperative to ensure that this information is being handled properly and within socially acceptable boundaries.

3. Cyber Security

As more and more businesses are shifting online, the number of cyber crimes has also seen a dramatic increase. It is now becoming increasingly common to hear about a company whose confidential data was either stolen, leaked online or hacked, causing irreparable damage to its brand name as well as financial and mental distress to the relevant stakeholder. IT Professionals with expertise in cyber security are in high demand by businesses.

4. Big Data Analysis

As more and more businesses shift online, they are faced with the overwhelming amount of both structured and unstructured data, which they have to analyze in order to gain understanding of customer behavior. IT experts with the relevant know-how will be highly sought by these companies, as they will be able to provide greater insight into the mind of the consumer, increasing the efficiency of business.

5. Mobile software developers

Cell phones have evolved from being a simple communication device to complex machines, which are now slowly taking over the role of computers. With new innovations introduced every day, the need for IT professionals who can create multi-platform apps is increasing exponentially.

6. Cloud Computing

Increased flexibility, data recovery, and lower costs are some of the many reasons cloud computing has gained such a strong foothold in such a short period of time. IT professionals with expertise in Software as a Service (SaaS) are highly sought after as more and more companies are moving towards offering cloud based solutions to their clients.

7. Augmented Reality

Although still in infancy, the far-reaching impacts of Augmented Reality can be easily determined. With a number of top tech companies, including Facebook owned Oculus VR, making huge strides in the field; it is easy to see that people with the relevant hardware and software development skills are in high demand.

8. Technical Support

As technology is becoming more and more complex, customers are in of need professionals who will be able to guide them and help them understand it better. Businesses are now increasingly looking for people who are able to help their customers in the best possible manner. This job not only requires technical know-how, but also the ability to patiently listen to customers’ problems and build a relation with them.

9. Machine Automation

According to Research and Markets, the industrial automation service and equipment industry is expected to see a Compounded Annual Growth rate of over 7% in 2018. With businesses, especially automotive industry and FMCGs, increasingly adopting automation, the demand for software developers is sure to skyrocket.

10. Software Programmer

Software developers continue to be the foundation stone on which the entire IT industry is built upon. With the advent of new technologies, such as Cloud computing, AI, VR, etc., the demand for software developers has continued to increase at an unprecedented rate and shows no sign of slowing down.

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