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The 3 Key Interview Tips for IT Candidates That Will Get Them the Job

Conversing might not be an IT professional’s strong suit. Us IT guys are tucked away in the office and getting work done that’s keeping the company together. It does not involve a lot of talking. But that is no excuse to give up trying to ace your upcoming interviews. Even senior IT professionals who have gone on more interviews than you can count may struggle with their job interview. When you are scheduled for a job interview as an IT professional, you need to sell yourself, showcase your skills and express your enthusiasm throughout the interview. It is always helpful to take some time prior to the interview to prepare yourself so you are ready to handle all that’s thrown at you during the interview.

Let’s go through the 3 key interview tips that will get you the job.

1.Do your homework

You aren’t ready if you haven’t prepared yourself for the typical “What do you know about this company?” question. Look up information about the company and what it does, especially all the operations concerning the department that you have applied to work for. Relate what you have learned through experience and education with what the company is doing.

When talking to the interviewer, refer to him by his name. If you don’t know his name yet, you better ask before the interview begins. Don’t forget that people are inclined to hire people they like, so making a personal connection with the interviewer doesn’t hurt. If you are familiar with how the company makes its money and the current challenges it’s facing, you can make a lasting good impression on your interviewer.

2.Know yourself

Even though your resume says it all, candidates usually don’t remember all the details of the achievements in their past projects. However, you need to be vocal about that aspect of your professional life. When you describe your proud contributions to past projects, the interviewer is likely going to want you to do that for him as well. You should also know how your overall experience directly applies to what the company wants you to do for them.

Additionally, know all your professional strengths along in context with the position you applied for. If there are technologies that you might be expected to know but haven’t worked with for a long time, start reviewing them and learning the concepts that may be asked during the interview.

3.Keep your level of familiarity in check

In lieu of building a good rapport, do not forget that the job interview is a business meeting with decorum of its own. Reflect the interviewer’s demeanor. While it is important to bring enthusiasm in the meeting room, do not overstep your bounds as a job candidate.

Furthermore, if you didn’t really follow through with tip#1, you are more likely to ramble on answering the question and talk too much because you are not prepared ahead of time. As aforementioned, read the job description and company information thoroughly. Try to match your skills with the job requirements before you step into the interview room.

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