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Resume Updating Tips for Senior IT Professionals Making the Big Career Move

In the ever expanding world of IT, it is common for IT professionals to move onto better opportunities and take on greater endeavours in their professional careers. Remaining stagnant is not healthy for your professional growth for IT experts and your next career switch might just be what you have been looking for. However, many of them struggle with creating an attention grabbing resume. Being a senor IT professional, you have years of experience under your belt and it’s all about showcasing what you are worth from here on out. The key is to objectively match the skills you have which are relevant to the position that you are applying for.

If you are making a major career move, here are some tips to help you update your CV effectively:

1.Tie the job description with your skills

If you are making a career move, you need to focus on your objective and resume summary section. The key to writing an effective summary is to use the information provided in the job description you are applying to, onto your summary. For example, if the job description requires search engine optimization, you should mention all your achievements and experience concerning search engine optimization at the top of opening paragraph so the reader knows that you’re game. You need to show them you’re the best candidate for the job.

2.Rewrite the whole thing thoroughly

Don’t make the amateur mistake of making quick little changes in your old resume before sending it for a job application. If you are making a career move, rewriting your resume comprehensively is irreplaceably important. Make sure that your resume reflects all the dimensions of the communication, management, operations and leadership that you have carried out. Include all the areas of business that you have impacted thus far.

3.Move the education section to the bottom of the resume

Moving your academic credentials further down the resume does not mean it is no longer important. Being a senior IT professional, your education is not a holistic representation of you. If you were a recent graduate, you would sell yourself by emphasising on your education and it makes sense too because there is not much else to show. Few years down the road, your education still qualifies as relevant work experience but being a senior IT professional and having worked your way up the ranks, you need to shift the focus on the milestones you have achieved during your career while focusing less on your educational background.

4.Refrain from using confusing technical language

It is okay to use some technical language in your resume but filling it up with jargons is redundant. You want your resume to be readable. Do not confuse yourself thinking that a complex technical language is directly proportional to your level of expertise. Avoid using acronyms that your hiring manager won’t be familiar with. Instead of using technical keywords from your old job, try to include industry terms that everyone in IT knows about.

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