Our Selection Process

The steps we follow are simple yet suitable for helping us identify the ideal individual:



  • We begin with a structured and systematic interview, which is carried out to best assess the compatibility of a potential candidate with the position. At this point, our team focuses on the would-be employee’s employment background and personal and career goals to make certain they are a suitable match for the role. 


  • We then proceed to the creation of a recruiter report, which is intended to facilitate comparison for the client. During this stage, we also obtain a reference check from a previous line manager or employer.


  • Following this, we speak with the candidate to make certain they are fully informed about the opportunity and have a complete and comprehensive understanding of the position, the company and the likelihood of professional development and career progression.



With these time-consuming steps completed, we will be able to present you with at least two high-quality job seekers with whom you can discuss other relevant areas in their second interviews. Why not get in touch today to find out more about how we could help?